HWTP Sports Talk Radio broadcasts LIVE every Wednesday from 9-10 pm ET on Blog Talk Radio. 
HWTP Sports Talk RadioTackles ALL The Hot-Button Issues From The World Of Sports.


The show is hosted by our legal analyst, attorney David Weinstein; sports writer and biographer Bill Gutman; and sports enthusiast Champ Jordan



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“Unlike so many sports talk shows, HWTP Sports Talk radio doesn't ask the usual questions. The hosts go right to the meat and potatoes of an issue and make you think.”

Pepper Johnson
Former NFL Player and current
New York Jets Defensive Line Coach

“Much more intelligent than most sports shows. Thoughtful questions and the hosts knew what they were talking about!”


Linda Robertson
The Miami Herald


“...The hosts were great and I hope we gave Huddlin great radio content.”


Rick Burton
David Falk Professor of Sport
Management at Syracuse University